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Sanji One Piece “I’ll never kick a woman, even if I die!” A nose bleeding prodigy. “Black-Leg” Sanji, Sanji One Piece is a chef, a member of the Straw Hat Pirates. Recruit More »

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Usopp One Piece Usopp is the fourth crew of Straw Hat Pirates recruit by Monkey D Luffy and he is also the former captain of Usopp Pirates. Usopp One Piece cowardly personality More »

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One Piece Nami One piece Nami “Cat-Burglar” is introduced early on in the manga and anime series and is in fact, based on two characters from a previous manga which is also a More »

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Zoro One Piece Roronoa zoro and usually called zoro is the first crewmate of the Straw Hat Pirates. Zoro One Piece is a 21 year old that dreams of one day, becoming More »

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Monkey D Luffy Monkey D Luffy, also known ‘Straw Hat Luffy’ or some called him ‘Mugiwara’ is one of the character in One Piece anime. Since he was a kid, luffy influence More »

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Chopper One Piece Chopper One Piece is the Doctor of the Straw Hat Pirates. Initially, he was a reindeer that ate a Devil Fruit. So that’s why he looks the way he More »


Perona One Piece | Inside look of perona | one piece anime

perona one piece

Perona One Piece personality description

perona one piece“Ghost Princess” Perona one piece is the previous ”Wild Zombies” and “Surprise Zombies Commander” of Thriller Bark before the collapse of Gekko Moriah’s zombie armed detachment. She is adept to produce ghosts from her body through the powers of the Horo Horo no Mi. She was one of theforemost antagonists of the Thriller Bark Arc, being one of the secret Four, but has since begrudgingly cooperated with Roronoa Zoro.

Perona one piece impression

perona one piecePerona is drawn in a rather different method from the method large-scale round eyes. Her hair is lightweightweight pink colored and very long. Her feet are generally glimpsed with her toes pointing inwards in a ‘pigeon-toed’ kind.This affectation is rather widespread to Lolita method Goths, and feminine latest trend bloggers. It differs significantly from the medical condition, which is initiated by a twisted shin skeletal part,rather than the conditioning of the feet, and causes substantial hindrance in standing, strollingand running.

perona one pieceHer looks are inspired by the ‘Gothic Lolita’ style, with black, white and method=”color: Red;”>brilliant red. Perona’s method=”color: Red;”>common hair method has it tied in two high pigtails with rather flower-shaped very dark and white hairpins, and she habitually wears a redcrest with a cross on peak. Her tights cover her whole legs and wears a mini-skirt and red buckled boots to agree. She is habitually wearing red lipstick and a broad layer of eyeliner. She is often glimpsed bearing around a red umbrella shaped rather like a cute type of a mini devil before her assault with Usopp.
perona one piece

In Hogback’s flashback, perona one piece is glimpsed as a progeny. While her crest is visible, the rest of her outfit is hard to glimpse, although she seemed to be wearing a dress that provided her a childish look.

After the two year timeskip, Perona has a more mature look than before. Perona is glimpsed on Sabaody Archipelago wearing a long black strapless dress with lavender ruchings, red high heeled boots and a large-scale very dark top head covering with a white floral decor. perona one pieceHer left bicep has a pink tattooed bat as well as a watch on her left wrist and wears pink fastenerpolish on her fingerfasteners. She still has her signature umbrella and furthermore carries a stuffed animal with her that very much resembles Kumashi. She also has a different hairstyle now; before the timeskip, it was in two straight pigtails on the edge of her head, now her hair is at the back of her head in at smallest four spiral braids.

Perona One Piece Character

Perona is assured and firm with herself. She dislikes persons telling her what to do and dislikesany person disobeying her request. And she even willing to put Absalom in his location and remind him of where her administration lies on Thriller Bark. Despite this, she is normally trusted to Gekko Moriah and apparently sees him as a way of defence, as she is seen crying to rejoin him. In the manga, she commonly speaks using a very masculine language, regardless of herexamines. perona one pieceAfter Zoro appears, perona tends to his wounds, brandishing a enthusiasm to befriend even those she sees as a foe. It furthermore shows that she is not absolutely incapable of being kind to other ones, regardless of how fiendish she can appear at times.

She apparently likes cute animals and will only permit somebody to work for her if they are cute. Her illusion is to conceive a country where all the cute people are turned into zombie animals that comply only her. She disliked Kumashi because, whereas he is cute in look, his voice is not, and therefore she favours him to just be quiet. Her desire for cute things devotes her a minorchildish outlook on some issues. She is very playful, threatening to burst Usopp’s heart when she was in her ghost form. Usopp almost past away of the worry itself, and got enraged when Perona easily joked it off, saying she could do no such thing. Perona also thinks that chopper is cute.
perona one piece

Perona appears to have katsaridaphobia, a fear of cockroaches, even to the issue of shouting and crying. She is rather naïve, not questioning for a second that Usopp can raise ten tons.

Like numerous of the One Piece cast, she has her own unique joke that utilises the word Horo, which is furthermore part of her Devil Fruit, the Horo Horo no Mi (i.e Horo-horo-horo-horo-horo!). Totally different devil fruit than Blackbeards Yami Yami No Mi.

perona one piece

Horo horo No Mi – Devil Fruit

perona one pieceAfter the period of timeskip, she has strongly become more mature, whereas she was still glimpsed carrying a teddy bear round showing perona one piece still held up on many of her past values. Same as one piece sabo as his still cling with his brother luffy and ace past.

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    Perona vs. Kuma

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